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Q: Can I speak to other members who have used their service?

Absolutely! VGM Technologies has received many letters of thanks for the hard work and cost savings they have obtained for members. We are more than happy to provide you with a list of businesses so that you may call for yourself and find out how valuable their services are.

Q: Can you really save me money?

Yes we can! When working with communications for a member the average savings on services is 35%. Software savings are realized by reducing employee time to bill, reducing amount of time to receive claim payments, reducing the amount of paper handled, increasing management reporting capabilities and many other functions.

Q: Do you offer anything other than long distance service?

Yes! We can help our members obtain discounted local phone service pricing, arrange teleconferencing, web conferencing, a telephone answering service that specializes in medical companies, faster Internet service using DSL or broadband access, configure a data network, plus many other communication services. VGMT can also work with members to reduce operating cost and increase ROI by utilizing business application software.

Q: Does VGM Technologies look for new companies or just stay with the same ones?

VGM Technologies continually monitors the communications and software market. It is important that we remain current in this fast changing environment and look for services that members ask for and which we feel would offer additional assistance to the membership.

Q: How do I know that what you recommend is a good service if I have never heard of the name?

VGM Technologies has obtained contracts with nationwide companies that offer business services. We study and evaluate each company for its stability and credit, service offered and competitive pricing. Many companies that we have contracted with do not spend money on big advertising campaigns. They spend it on good service. In fact, service and reliability are some of the main factors in deciding whether to proceed talking further and obtaining a contract.

Q: How long has VGMT been involved with the member group?

A VGMT was introduced to the members of VGM & Associates in January 1992. There are currently over 1800 member locations across the country the utilize products and services provided by VGMT.

Q: What kind of experience do the employees of VGM Technologies have?

Our staff has worked with members of the VGM Groups since early 1992. In those years of working with the members, we have developed industry knowledge that is invaluable. Our success is shown in the number of locations that we serve across the country. The scope of products and services that we offer the members has dramatically increased since 1992. The entire focus of what we do is driven by member need.



Q: How much is the Sprint discount?

The Sprint/Nextel discount is 15% for all members and their employees.  You can get your discount by visiting the link on our website.


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