About us

VGMT is your single source for all of your communication needs.

Successful businesses generally associate maximizing profits with minimizing costs. Software and communication services are no exception to this fundamental principle. Obtaining cost-effective programs in today’s market is important. Selecting one that does not sacrifice quality is crucial!

Our goal is to lower your operating costs, thus contributing to your company’s competitive edge. We have helped over 1800 member locations reduce business expenses.

Do you need help...

  • Reducing the cost of your long distance service
  • Looking for faster Internet access
  • Finding a new phone system
  • Deciding if Voice Over Internet Protocol is right for your business
  • Lowering your local telephone service charges
  • Fleet Management
If the answer is yes to any of these questions or you have any other technology questions or concerns, call VGM Technologies at 800-824-8468.

VGMT Mission Statement

VGM Technologies exists to provide reliable, trustworthy assistance to the members of the VGM Groups. Our goal is to: increase efficiencies, decrease costs and streamline services for our clients.

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